If you know me, you know that I l.o.v.e shopping and I l.o.v.e a good bargain! Like many of you, the Target dollar spot and The Dollar Tree are my favorite places this time of year! Look at this loot I recently picked up!
Isn’t it just scrumptious?! LOL
I am hoping to share with you what I plan to do with all of these goodies!
First up, DIY Foam Dice!
When I saw these foam cubes at The Dollar Tree, I couldn’t grab them fast enough! They are perfect for making your own foam dice! And at a dollar a bag, such a steal! Plus, foam is quiet. I like quiet! I also picked up the green basket because who can have enough baskets?! And my color scheme is bright pink, green and hints of black & white!
Here are the different types of dice that you can make:
Here’s a little tip…I found the permanent marker rubbed off the foam before it dried to be sure to create your dice over a scrap piece of paper and not on your antique table!
 {side note: I learned on Jeopardy the other night that the opposite sides of a die add up to 7! Never knew!}
 Letters and numbers. Great for sight word graphing games like {these}
 Rolling CVC words! Use one color for the vowels and one for the consonants. Download the roll-a-word mats {here}
Use them for word families! Download the roll-a-word mats {here}
Put the foam dice into the little basket {with ribbon of course!} and you’ve got yourself an instant center!
{for example purposes, I threw all the dice in together, but I would not do this for my class centers. Only throw in the dice that you need for the specific center to avoid confusion! ;)}
The possibilities are endless! What else can you make with the foam dice??

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