I absolutely love thinking of ways to manage my students behaviors in the classroom. And I also love a good theme, so when they come together it makes me extra happy 😉 Here’s a fun little classroom management activity you can use during the fall months.
The idea was born when I found these super cute felt pieces at Michaels for 33 cents a piece! I picked up a black, orange, and lime green! 
classroom management activity
To start this classroom management activity, I made some pumpkin templates on paper first, cut them out and laid them over the felt pieces. Then I cut the felt, which was a little difficult to do! I free handed the eyes, noes and mouth pieces. I decided not to cut brown, but you could make the stem brown if you wanted to. Also, one orange piece was enough for 2 pumpkins, just so you know 😉
classroom management activity
I adhered two magnet strips onto the back of the pumpkins so I could stick them up on the whiteboard. I just had to be verrrry careful moving them around because the felt wanted to peel off of the magnet if I pulled too hard!
classroom management activity
I stuck the little jack-o-lantern face pieces in my pumpkin pail that I picked up at Target. I would recommend one pail per table group so that you don’t have to spend a lot of time picking through the pieces to build each jack-o-lantern.
When you see a table group that is following directions quickly, working hard, being respectful to each other, etc…choose one person at the table to pick a piece out of the pumpkin pail and add it to their pumpkin.
The cool thing about felt is that it sticks to itself!!
The first table to build their whole jack-o-lantern can earn a reward 🙂
classroom management activities
And there you have it, my classroom management activity that is perfect for those upcoming fall months! This would also be a fun incentive to do as a whole class!
If you’re interested in the pumpkin templates, you can download them{here}.
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