Is it just me or are groundhogs stinkin’ adorable?? I am having so much fun teaching about them this week! Here’s what we’ve done so far {and are planning to do!}
On Monday, we read My Shadow by Susan Winter, and talked about what a shadow is.

 First graders are so sweet, they have the best discussions!

Then we brainstormed some things that we can do with our shadows and did a mini writing activity.

After we wrote about what we like to do with our shadow, we did a super fun art activity! I got this idea from the first grade teachers I’m working with, so cute!!

I gave the kiddos a white piece of construction paper stapled onto a black piece of construction paper and had them draw at least three objects.

After they finished drawing, they very carefully cut out each object, making sure to cut the black paper at the same time. They completed this task surprisingly better than I had anticipated! Go first graders!
Then, they flipped the black paper upside down and glued it directly under their objects.

Finally, they added details to the background. I love how they turned out!

 {ugh, blogger!!}

On Thursday, we’re going to make these cutie groundhogs.

You can download the template {here} or {here}.
I shrank the ears down a little on the template because it was looking too much like a mouse to me!

We’ll read this adorable book that Kathleen at Growing Kinders made and write the interesting facts we learned for our groundhog to hold.

We’re also going to draw our groundhog family in a math center!

 I haven’t decided how I’m going to teach them to draw groundhogs just yet…but I think I will base them off the little groundhog template above.

And we’ll tell about Mr. Groundhog’s day using this adorable mini book that Christie at First Grade Fever created.

I’m loving Groundhog’s Day!

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