Nine more weeks until summer break…we’re really feeling it! My students are having a tough time staying focused and following classroom rules! I’m introducing a new management technique on Monday…I’ll let you know how it goes! 
Behavior Bingo
Choose one behavior that you find your students are having a tough time with and let them know that you’re looking for it. 
My kiddos are having a super hard time giving me their attention. At the beginning of the year, I taught them a choral response as my attention getter. I say “eyes up” when I need their attention and their job is to echo me chorally “eyes up”, stop what they’re doing and put their eyes on me.
Lately, it’s more of half the class echoing me and 3/4ths of the class continuing with their work.
Not gonna fly! Ha!
I had to remind them several times this week what “eyes up” actually means!
So on Monday, they will come into the classroom and see our new behavior bingo board.
 Sorry it’s blurry…iPhone picture!

When everyone gives me their full attention, the first time, I will choose a ticket from the bucket.

Then I will cover the corresponding number on the chart. I think I will probably just use a dry-erase marker since the chart is laminated, but you could use a fun sticker or magnet instead.

They get bingo by filling an entire column. Whichever column they fill first is the prize they will earn!
P- Popsicle Party {or you could do popcorn party, pizza party, or just party and you can decide what they get!}
R- Read-a-thon. My students really enjoy reading. Probably because they’re all really good at it! During our read-a-thon, they can bring a pillow or blanket from home, read with their shoes off and basically just have a relaxing afternoon reading.
I- Inside Games. You know, those fun games you get to play during rainy day recess. You know, the games us Southern California residents rarely ever get to play! That’s what we’ll do! Of course, you can always make this one an ice cream party, or an invite of some sort.
Z- Zoo Day {bring a stuffed animal to school} Z was hard! Any other ideas!?
E- Extra Recess! I have a feeling this one is going to be the most enticing!

Hopefully, this will help a little, or this teacher is going to have a very long nine weeks ahead of her!

Download your own behavior bingo board below!
Thinking of different prizes?
Right click on the image below to download a jpeg version to create your own prize board. Open the file in a word document, power point slide or
any other publishing tool you feel comfortable using. Then paste a textbox over
the picture and type in the prize! 

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