I love finding ways to make learning fun and these apple activities are no exception! It’s the perfect way to incorporate science, math, and art into your apple theme. Your students can conduct experiments, complete class graphs, and make the cutest little apple glyph. Seriously, they make the cutest fall display in your classroom!
You can use these apple activities during the fall season or during your apple week! It comes with four class graphs, two science experiments {nothing big, don’t worry! Just a simple sink or float experiment!} and a fun little apple glyph craft!
Here’s a closer look at what’s included:

Apple Sorting

I ask my students bring in one apple on a specific week and we put all the apples in one large basket. Then we sit in a learning circle on the carpet and sort the apples by color. I like to cut out large circles from red, yellow, and green construction paper for my students to sort on. Then we tally up how many of each color we had.

Apple Tasting

After we sort our apples, I cut up the different apples for a taste test! (Be sure to save a few apples for the science experiments!) My students are encouraged to try a slice of each apple. Then we graph which on is our favorite. We create a class graph to show which apple each students likes the most.

Sink or Float Experiments

We do two experiments with our apples. First, will the apple sink or float? The students predict what they think will happen when we drop an apple into a bowl of water. You can also have them graph their predictions and then test their hypothesis. We do the same thing for the apple seeds! It’s cute to see how they change their hypothesis after conducting the first experiment. 

Apple Glyphs

Finally, we make a little apple glyph! These crafts are always fun because there are rules you have to follow when making your apple. I included a little book to use during our reading centers for my students to complete. I ask them a question like “do you like apple pie?” and depending on how they answer, they complete the book in different ways. Once they all have their apple books done, I pass out the apple glyph pieces and they create their apple craft. 
You can find these apple activities in my TpT shop for $4!