Well, I survived the first two days of summer school! Phew!
I always forget how awful the first day of school is. I kinda, sorta regretted teaching summer school half way through the first day! Ha! But today went much, much better! My kiddos are adorable and we’re having so much fun!
My first class is incoming first graders who also happen to be English learners. They are very sweet, but some of them are literally in America for summer and then go back home! I am very impressed with their English language skills and how well they fit in. I would never be so comfortable if I were in their position! We’re working a lot on building language skills while having fun 🙂 Yesterday we made the adorable heart flags from my *bestie* {Mrs. Cupcake} and today we added writing to it. I had my kiddos write three sentences about the fourth of July, which they happened to know quite a lot about! I also made some differentiated papers for my students who have very little English skills. I really don’t want summer school to be frustrating!
 {aaaand I just realized that I had my kids glue the blue part incorrectly…whoops!! hahaha}

You can download the writing paper {here} if you’d like!
Frame by Delicious Scraps
Fonts by DJ Inkers and Fonts 4 Teachers

The next few days were going to be working on summer vocabulary using this adorable summer words book from the awesome Laura Martin!

My afternoon class is a jump start to kindergarten. I needed a littler reminder of how to teach 4 year olds, but it’s all good now 😉 We’ve been working on writing our letters and numbers and singing lots of songs! So fun! I’ve been working on some awesome color songs with DeAnne which I’m hoping to share with you all soon!

So far we’ve studied the letters A and B! We practiced writing them using this amazing resource from Lacey Yates.

And made these cutie little bee crafts!

 We’ve also been practicing numbers with this little bundle of awesomeness from Fran Kramer

And I made a little make shift calendar wall since I am using another teacher’s class for summer school. I’m pretty proud of how it turned out!

You can purchase the green polka dot calendar cards at my TpT store.

I’m looking forward to a relaxing day tomorrow. Happy 4th of July everyone!!

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