We have been working on our addition & subtraction fluency a lot in kindergarten! Earlier in the year, I introduced Add & Reveal and my kiddos went bonkers over the cards! They already loved our Read & Reveal cards, so they were really excited about these! Once we started working on subtraction, I brought out Subtract & Reveal! I wanted to share a little more about these cards with you!

One of our kindergarten standards is to add and subtract fluently, so we practice lots! These cards make the mundane task a lot more fun!
Here’s how they work:
The students choose a card {depending on what skill they’re working on, more on that below!} and read the equation.

In the beginning, when we are learning, I do not expect my students to
solve these fluently, which is why I included visual support. In this example, they will read “4 minus 1 is”. They will use what they know about subtraction to solve this problem. They can use a dry-erase marker to cross out the number they are subtracting to help them see the answer {another reason to laminate the cards!}.
Once they are confident with their answer, they will unclip the card to *reveal* the answer!
Once they become more confident with their subtraction fluency, you can take away the visual support and use only number symbols.
I have included cards for several subtraction skills!
Subtraction minus 0
Subtraction minus 1

Subtraction from 5 and minus 5

Subtraction from 10 and minus 10

Doubles Subtraction

Mixed subtraction from 10 and 20
Helpful Tips:
*Print the cards on thick cardstock and laminate them for durability! They will be handled often so you’ll want them to stay intact!
*You can also print each skill on a different colored cardstock so they are easy to organize by skill.
*Store the cards you aren’t using in plastic bags or small plastic bins with labels! {see how I organize my Read & Reveal cards here}
*Find fun clothespins on clearance at Michaels or Joanns after holidays, or pick them up in the Target Dollar Spot!

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