Last week, as I was prepping centers for the week, I pulled out my fun rhyming center from my Fall Math & Literacy Centers


The scarecrow reminded me of the cute little scarecrow I found at the 99 cent store the previous weekend and then I got this brilliant idea!

Anything larger than life is a huge hit in kindergarten so as you can imagine, this whole group activity was a lot of fun! I clipped a pumpkin onto the scarecrow’s left side and we worked together to figure out which pumpkin rhymed with it. Rhyming is such an important skill to build phonemic awareness and we work on it a lot! Then my kiddos took turns coming up and clipping the pumpkin on. Those mini clips are perfect for building our fine motor muscles!


You can download and print these little pumpkins to use in your classroom by clicking the image below! Enjoy!