Building Words in Kindergarten

One of my favorite things about teaching kindergarten is seeing the tremendous growth my students make in such a short period of time! I think back to the start of the year when we are working on identifying the letters of the alphabet {and that there are actually...

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Read and Reveal {vowel teams}

One of my all time favorite resources I created for my guided reading groups last year was my Read and Reveal cards! I found that they were really struggling blending their CVC words together, so I added some visual reminders to the words. Dots under each sound to...

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Write & Wipe Beginning Sounds

Matching sounds to letters is such an important skill when teaching young learners how to read. We work a lot on matching letters to sounds all throughout kindergarten. We start with beginning sounds because they are the easiest to hear! We do lots of practice orally...

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Reading Fluency Passages: Short Vowel Practice

I've mentioned this before, and I am sure I will mention it a million times again, I absolutely LOVE teaching reading! I love giving my students the tools to "drive the vehicle" and letting them go at it. We've been working hard on our reading fluency while reading...

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Sight Word Fluency and Reading Intervention

Mastering sight words is such an important part of learning how to read. These are words that you will see in almost all of the books you will read. I *love* when we learn a new sight word and my kids start making connections, seeing that word around our classroom....

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Read and Reveal {blending words practice}

My students are absolutely rocking their letters and sounds and learning how to blend CVC words. They've been doing really well with their fluency families and blending words in their guided reading books, but when it came to reading CVC words in isolation, it was a...

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Making Sight Words Fun!!

One of my all time favorite things about teaching kindergarten is the awesome growth you see all year long! I just love the confident little learners that my students are becoming. We work really hard in kindergarten, but we also have a lot of fun. Because I believe...

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Working on Our Reading Fluency

Over the last few weeks, we've been working really hard on learning word families! We do this orally, by listening to chunks in words. My students have been coming up with words in the "at" family, and we sing our word family song. This past week, we've used our...

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Reading Word Families Fluently {freebie!}

I put together some word family fluency practice to help my kiddos with their reading fluency. One of the most important skills for beginning readers to attain is fluency in reading. Fluency means the ability to read text quickly and accurately. When students...

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Alphabet Sounds and Patterning Fun

The first few weeks of school have been spectacular! I always forget how difficult different the beginning of kindergarten is from the rest of the year, but we are finally getting in the groove and I have the greatest bunch of learners! I wanted to share a couple...

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  • These play doh mats free printables are perfect activites for your kids when learning all about shapes! Children will have fun while working on their fine motor skills.  #games #learning #kindergarten #kids
  • Hooray for kindergarten printables! Use these worksheets to practice spring sight words, writing and math! They're great for homeschool activities and are 100% fun!
  • Make the most of your time management by grabbing these printable literacy centers! These centers are a great addition to your spring literacy rotations! Students can practice sight words with these hands-on stamping activities! #play #literacy
  • Read and Reveal cards make teaching reading fun! These reading intervention ideas are great for struggling readers both in lower grades and help them use their phonics strategies while reading. They are perfect for small groups, literacy centers, or intervention groups. #blendingsounds #CVCwords
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