When I started a new grade level, I knew I wanted a new clip chart too. I’ve been using a clip chart in my classroom since I’ve attended Rick Morris‘ classroom management trainings. He is a classroom management guru! I really like the concept of the clip chart because it helps me recognize all the great behaviors in my class. My students are really encouraged by one another and they love to get the chance to walk over to the chart and move their clip up. I automatically see a change in all behaviors when I ask just one child to clip up. I rarely ever have anyone clip down because I like to focus on reinforcing positive behaviors, but when I do it is really effective for me.
My main inspiration on creating my new chart was Denise’s adorable pin chart that she shared on her blog over the summer.

I found the adorable polka dot headers on clearance at Michaels, but being the go-getter that I am, I laminated them before I even had any idea of what I wanted to do with them! So when I saw Denise post hers I was SO excited!

Because my cute polka dot headers were already
laminated, I hit a slight speed bump while putting this together!!! I didn’t want to risk laminating lamin,
so I decided to print the titles on card stock and attached them with my
scrapbooking tape, then attached  the headers onto ribbon. I tried my
trusty old mod podge first, but the lamin didn’t stick to it well and
the headers just peeled right off. After much googling, I tried double
sided tape…worked like a charm! I absolutely love the way it turned

I made the titles using one of my favorite Lettering Delights alphabets. It’s polka dotted! How cute is that!?

I also couldn’t find any regular sized pins, so I sucked it up and bought the tiny ones. I actually decided that I like the tiny ones more. They complement the cute polka dots. I wrote my students’ numbers on their clips so that I can use them again {granted they don’t break!} and to kind of sort of help with anonymity.

Then, my mission was to figure out how to document my students’ behavior everyday. At first I thought of little business sized cards for the kids to fill out where they were for the day, but I knew I would never see the cards again once they were sent home, and that seemed like a waste of a lot of paper! I finally decided on a monthly calendar for my students to use daily. At the end of the day they color the box to show their behavior for the day. They take them home everyday and bring them back everyday. {The power of classroom money!} Each month, they also decide on a goal they want to reach. The goals can be something like “stay on green every day for one week” or “clip up to Role Model once this month”. They also have a place to write what they will earn when they reach the goal. It’s a great way to keep the home-school connection going!

I thought I’d share these calendars if anyone else would like to use them!
These calendars are in pdf form and are not editable. You can have your students write the numbers in at the beginning of the month! Great number practice and you don’t have to do it yourself, double score!

 The fonts I used are from DJ Inkers and Lettering Delights.

I also got some really great ideas from Mrs. Bainbridge’s blog.
When a student clips up to role model, they get a little certificate. {I realized that I should have copied it on purple after I made all the copies on pink…haha}

And just in case someone has to clip all the way down to red, they fill out a behavior reflection that is sent home and signed by parents.

I also sent a note home to parents explaining the new chart and the calendar that goes home everyday. If you would like to use the note, you can download it below. It is in word format so that you can edit it for your classroom needs. PLEASE don’t copy this and sell it or give it away as your own on your blog or in your store. I work hard on the things for my class and to share with you.

So far I’ve gotten a lot of positive praise from the parents!

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