Mrs. Ibarra at Always First Grade is hosting a linky party to share classroom photos. Here are some photos of my classroom from the beginning of the school year.

This was the classroom I walked into! None of that was mine! {Good and bad! I am so lucky that I started my first year teaching with such a wealth of supplies, but it was hard work going through someone else’s belongings and throw some things away!}

Super excited to get started!
My math wall and calendar wall
My one and only whiteboard! And the old location of my computer. It is now conveniently located on my desk {finally!} The white shelves was a hand-me-down from one of my BFFs. It was a book shelf that I turned sideways. I so crafty!
My very own teacher desk!
This is my favorite part of my room 🙂 I also put up my kiddo’s pictures in the middle of the bulletin boards, it is so cute!
My teaching table. The bulletin board in the back has our “brain” words and is the focus wall for our reading themes.
LOVE those organizer drawers!
My most favorite way to hang up class work…paperclips!
My room 🙂
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I seriously just learned about Dr. Jean and think she is uh-mazing! On Friday, I introduced her hocus pocus chant to my class. I said “hocus pocus” and waved a pretend wand and the children responded with “everybody focus” as they used their fingers to make focus glasses around their eyes. It worked like a charm!
I also taught them “hips and lips” as we walked to the computer lab. With one hand on their hip and one finger on their lips, it was the quietest they had EVER been!