FREE Sight Words Reading Practice!

One of the most important skills beginning readers learn is reading sight words by sight. These are not only words that are difficult to phonetically sound out, but also words that they will see SO often. Soon, they will be able to recognize the word and read it...

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Free Shape Poems

Throughout the first week of school, our focus during math is introducing 2D shapes. I made some fun posters to help my students remember the names and properties of each shape {and they referred to them all year long!}   {clip art from Love Two Teach...

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Rhyming Pumpkins!

Last week, as I was prepping centers for the week, I pulled out my fun rhyming center from my Fall Math & Literacy Centers.    The scarecrow reminded me of the cute little scarecrow I found at the 99 cent store the previous weekend and then I got this...

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Penguin Poetry!

We have been enjoying our poetry units each month. Having a month to focus on just ONE poem is so awesome! It gives us time to really dig deep, learn the poem and focus on rhyming words, fluency, and even incorporating our learning into science! Thursday mornings are...

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All About Penguins! {craft and writing freebie}

One of my all time favorite things to teach about during the winter months are penguins. Nothing gets much cuter than a penguin! This book, Penguins, Penguins, Everywhere! is such a great, child friendly book that shares tons of penguin facts! Here's a little blurb...

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Reading Word Families Fluently {freebie!}

I put together some word family fluency practice to help my kiddos with their reading fluency. One of the most important skills for beginning readers to attain is fluency in reading. Fluency means the ability to read text quickly and accurately. When students...

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Number Formation Practice

I remember going through school and loving math. It was one of my favorite subjects! I felt really confident in math, which I think is why I loved it so much. As a teacher, I want my students to love math as much as I do. So I'm always looking for ways to make it fun,...

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Summer Popsicle Craft

This week we wrote about what we are looking forward to doing this summer and turned our writing into adorable little popsicles. We stapled construction paper over the writing so that it was nice and colorful. On the inside, we all used the sentence starter "This...

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Sight Word Dice

I adore the Dollar Tree and I especially love their teacher section! Teaching goodies + $1 = a very happy teacher! Recently, I found these adorable sight word dice. Each pack comes with 3 different dice that include a lot of our kindergarten sight words! I picked up 2...

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Fun Spring Craft Idea

Hey Friends! One Spring Party stands between me and my Spring Break and I could squeal with excitement!! I absolutely love my job and I adore my class this year, but I am very excited to be spending my break in New York with my sister!!! We are working hard on making...

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Word Builders! CVC Fun!

One of my favorite things about teaching kindergarten is teaching my students how to read! I know I have my work cut out for me when some of my students start kindergarten without even knowing all of their letters. We work really hard on letter names and sounds, and...

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Sight Word Chant

One of my most favorite things to teach in Kindergarten is sight words! We practice them forward and backward, inside and out! I love seeing the little light bulbs go off when my students are able to read and write a new sight word! Last week, my sweet friend Emma...

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Writing in Kindergarten

Writing in Kindergarten can be a challenging topic to teach, but with these resources, it can be a breeze (ok, well maybe not a breeze, but maybe it will be a bit easier for you). Now, after using some of these strategies, I can't believe there was ever a time that I...

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Color Words and August Journals

At the beginning of the school year, we focus a lot on color words. The second unit in our reading curriculum is all about colors, so it ties in perfectly! We also focus on the sight words "I" and "see" and start thinking about sentences. I created Color Word Writing...

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If you are looking for hands-on, engaging kindergarten activities, you came to the right place!





  • Make teaching sight words fun in your kindergarten classroom or at home! These printables are great for struggling readers who need more practice reading their sight words in context. Perfect for centers, guided reading activities, morning work, or homework. Follow the link to see how I use it in my classroom.#sightwords #printables #readingfluency #misskindergarten
  • Set up a kindergarten calendar wall in your classroom to help your students master important math concepts with a fun routine! My interactive calendar notebook includes printables loaded with tons of ideas and activities to help you save time! Learn fun songs and have a great time during your calendar block!#kindergarten #calendar #math
  • Make teaching CVC words fun with clips and blending cards. Students slide and reveal the short a words. These activities are great for struggling readers both in kindergarten and first grade and help them use their phonics strategies while reading.  #blendingsounds #CVCwords #readandreveal
  • Kindergarten Counting Activity with Dominoes. So fun!
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